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Kelso Indigenous Chronic Disease Clinic Client Case Study

22-11-2017 Category: General Posted by: ERoberts

As the Kelso Clinic marks its 6th anniversary, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon the impact the Clinic has had on its clients. Colin Ellis, a regular client of the Kelso Clinic, has shared his experiences of the services and the staff and the impact the Clinic has had on his life.

Colin was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes around 1986. As a result of this condition, Colin lost four toes and one third of his right foot as well as another toe on his left foot. In 2007 Colin, a former teacher, had to resign from his position due to severe anxiety and clinical depression. As a result of these combined life changing elements, Colin was refered to the Kelso Clinic, a decision which Colin believes may have saved his life. 

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