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The aim of the Healthy Ears - Better Hearing, Better Listening (HEBHBL) program is to increase access to a range of health services including expanded primary health for Indigenous children and youth (0-21 years) for the diagnosis, treatment and management of ear and hearing health.

The objectives of the program are to increase:

  • Indigenous Australian children's access to multidisciplinary care in primary health care settings; and
  • the range of services offered by visiting health professionals to prevent, detect and manage ear diseases more effectively as well as promote ear and hearing health in Indigenous children. 

Rural Health Providers 

  • Aboriginal Health Worker
  • Audiology

For further information on Marathon Health Rural Outreach programs please contact:

Anne Vail Melissa Mayall
Rural Outreach Manager Rural Outreach Administration Officer
(02) 6826 5200 (02) 6826 5200

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