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  • Optimal health and wellbeing
    Optimal health and wellbeing
    for the people of regional Australia
    Working together for better health in our local communities.
  • Planning, coordination and integration
    Planning, coordination and integration
    Bringing the primary health care system together
    Delivering appropriate and integrated primary health services.
  • Improving the Patient journey
    Improving the Patient journey
    between health care services in the community and hospitals.


Marathon Health is a not-for-profit primary health care organisation that delivers health services and programs to regional and remote communities. We are committed to working together to achieve optimal health outcomes for all. Marathon Health has strong networks in the health sector, innovative community partnerships, and a commitment to delivering sustainable health outcomes.

Our Services

Marathon Health strives to achieve the implementation and successful performance of care initiatives and programs through developing integrated and coordinated services that are accessible, high quality and improve the patient experience in and out of hospital health care.

Our Location

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